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Best Actor - Elliott Crosset Hove

Susanne Jepsen

Elliott Crosset Hove og 'Vinterbrødre' bliver forgyldt på Locarno Filmfestival, med hele 4 priser.

  • Best Actor for Elliott Crosset Hove
  • Best European Film - Europa Cinemas award
  • Junior Jury Award - First Prize
  • Ecumenical Jury Special Mention

Uddrag af Locarno Filmfestivals motivation for prisen som Best Actor:
"The figure of Emil, lead of Vinterbrødre (Winter Brothers), can't be separated from the physical presence of Elliott Crosset Hove, the young Danish actor who, after graduating at Danske Scenekunstskole in 2015, has already earned two nominations for the Robert of Danmarks Film Akademi awards and, this year, the Årets Reumert Talentpris theatrical award. It is not surprising then that the actor was chosen by Hlynur Pálmason even before writing the screenplay, giving means to the Icelandic filmmaker (his feature film debut) to draw Emil on the skin of Elliott Crosset Hove, with whom he had already worked on his own diploma short, A Painter (2013)."
- Sara Groisman