December 6, 2023

‘Nightwatch – Demons Are Forever’

Nordisk Film Production presents the nerve-wracking thriller 'Nightwatch - Demons Are Forever'. After 29 years, director Ole Bornedal is ready with the sequel to the Danish cult phenomenon 'Nightwatch'. Ulf Pilgaard is back in the role as Commissioner Wörmer, and Christopher Læssø stars in a supporting role.

Young medical student Emma decides to find out what happened in the basement of the Department of Forensic Medicine almost 30 years ago, when her parents Martin and Kalinka were nearly killed by the psychopathic serial killer Commissioner Wörmer. Emma takes a student job as a night watchman at the same place and initiates an unauthorized meeting with Wörmer in his isolation cell in the psychiatric department at Sct. Hans Hospital. The meeting awakens the commissioner from a long-term coma and sets in motion a bloody revenge against all those who in his time sealed his fate. Now it's up to Emma to find the connection and stop the madness.

Nordisk Film Production and Ole Bornedal have assembled an exceptionally strong cast consisting of several of the actors from the first film as well as some of the biggest and most acclaimed Danish actors of the time. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ('Game of Thrones') is back in the role of Martin, who is now heavily traumatized by the horrors of the past at Forensic Medicine.

After major roles in international TV series, such as HBO's 'Killing Eve' (2018-2022) and Netflix's 'The Witcher' (2019-), Kim Bodnia is back in her first Danish film role in 9 years. He returns in the role of Jens, who made him a well-known Danish face 29 years ago. New to the cast is Fanny Bornedal in the lead role as Martin's daughter Emma.

Thomas Heinesen produces for Nordisk Film Production. The film is supported by The Danish Film Institute, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje and Nordisk Film & TV Fond in collaboration with DR, ZDF and Nadcon.

Bornedal said of the sequel: “'Nightwatch' is about legacy. About the silence in families. About the traumas and cuts and wounds that are allowed to live through generations. And in addition, it is exciting to return to the condensed genre that horror is. Kiss the demons - pull them into the light for a little moment. Look them in the eyes and think: “Good thing it’s only a film”.

'Nightwatch - Demons Are Forever' opens in theaters on December 14, 2023.

Photo / Christian Geisnæs

June 28, 2023

Christopher Læssø stars in ‘Ehrengard – The Art of Seduction’ a new Bille August film

Based on the Karen Blixen novel ’Ehrengard’ from 1962, director Bille August and Netflix comes together filming a new movie. Sidse Babett Knudsen and Mikkel Boe Følgaard stars in the lead roles. Christopher Læssø stars in a supporting role.

The film premieres globally on September 14, 2023 on Netflix.

The film takes place in the fairytale-univers 'Babenhauen', where the young self-appointed love expert, Cazotte gets hired by the scheming great-dutchess to help the prince find a princess and secure an heir to the throne. However, the plan backfires and when an heir is consieved outside of marriage, the royal family must escape to the Rosenbad castle. In the meantime, Cazotte falls in love with the maid Ehrengard and he slowly comes to the realization, that he is no love expert after all. 

Photo: Christian Geisnæs /Netflix

Anders August (‘Lykke-Per’, 2018 and ‘Marco Effekten’, 2021) has written the manuscript, while the scenography is by the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark who has a previous history of being a scenographer for the royal theatre through the years. Marcella Dichmann has produced for SF-Studios.

Photo Credit: Jacob Jørgensen

Director Bille August says:” To have Ehrengard filmed as a Netflix-movie is a big oppotunity – and I am thrilled to introduce this fascinating story about seduction and lust to a global audience. The queen has created the most amazing decoupage to the event, and they will be the dominant feature of the film’s overall scenographic expression.”

January 16, 2023

Christopher Læssø in ‘Empire’

Christopher Læssø stars in a supporting role in 'Empire'. The feature film will celebrate the world premiere in the Nordic Competition at Göteborgborg Film Festival starting on January 26.

EMPIRE is a story about power and mutual addiction, and with both deep seriousness and absurd humor it challenges the Danish historical amnesia. The movie is set on Saint Croix, the Danish west Indian islands, and the year is 1848. Anna Heegaard and Petrine is close friends. They are both women of color, but their way of life are completely different. Anna is a free woman and owner of the enslaved Petrine. Anna is living with the general governor Peter von Scholten at their country house, where she runs the house, the economy, and the beloved and trusted housekeeper Petrine. Everything is as it’s supposed to be, until the rumor about a rebellion begins to spread. Which side is Anna and Petrine standing on - and is it the same? 

EMPIRE is nominated for the main competition at Gøteborg Film Festival and the prestigious Dragon Award, and thereby gets its world premiere at the film festival.

EMPIRE is Frederikke Aspöcks first historical project: “The movie turns the Danish colonial history upside down and challenges Denmark’s romanticized self-image. The world history is as known written by and for white men. EMPIRE has therefore conscious placed Afro-Caribbean female characters in the center of the narrative – enslaved as well as free”, says Frederikke Aspöck. 

Anna Neye continues: “The same way women have been outwritten from the history of Denmark, the many colored Danish lives, have been as well. Visibility matters. EMPIRE is an art back-stage history experienced from a female perspective, where we have strived to dare to create colored people as whole characters. As a colored Dane, I sincerely hope the time, where colored Danes is just a footnote in the Danish history, has come to an end. It would be nice if we at least have our own chapter”. 

Screenwriter Anna Neye is best known for the satire-series “Normalerweize” (2004-2011), which she developed together with Lærke Winther. She received the Danish Dramatist’s talent award in 2007 and has since 2009 primarily been occupied as a screenwriter. Anna got the idea for EMPIRE after a trip to the Danish West Indies, where she afterwards contacted Frederikke Aspöck. 

EMPIRE is starring Anna Neye and Sara Fanta Traore in the leading roles as Anna and Petrine, while Claus Riis Østergaard plays von Scholten and Admiral Irminger is played by Jesper Groth.

It premieres in Danish cinemas on April 20.

Photo / Håvard Schei

September 22, 2022

Julie R. Ølgaard and Christopher Læssø in new psychological thriller

'The Angel Maker' is an intense psychological thriller starring Julie R. Ølgaard, Christopher Læssø, Roland Møller and Stine Stengade in the leading roles. 'The Angel Maker' is based on an original idea by Julie R. Ølgaard, who is also the conceptual director, together with Esben Tønnesen. Therefore, Julie R. Ølgaard both stars and co-directs, in addition to have written and produced. 'The Angel Maker' is set to premiere in 2023. 

'The Angel Maker' is a brutal thriller about the criminal detector Laura, who specializes in cybercriminality. She has been off work sick due to a psychosis after a postpartum depression, but she coincidently falls over a case about a beastly serial killer. This wakes up her interest, and she decides, that it is time for her to return. 

Julie R. Ølgaard says: 'The Angel Maker' is on many levels inspired by my experiences when I gave birth to a child too soon. The trauma after a complicated birth and abortions becomes – even today – often overlooked or neglected. Therefore, the dominating theme has from the start been to see Lauras struggle to find a sadistic serial killer, but also feel her and her struggle to get back on track after at wrecked mind and a late abortion”. 

Julie R. Ølgaard has written the manuscript together with Yusuf Othman and 'The Angel Maker' is about both murder, destructive love, and mental illness. “The movie is a tough and honest picture of being a woman in todays Denmark. It is about the demands the world has and especially the demands we have to ourselves – how it affects us and in worst case destroy us. In The Angel Maker' we bith see Laura in her struggle to recover and stand out professional but also her inner personal and exhausting struggle, which unfolds alongside the investigation work”, concludes Julie R. Ølgaard. 

'The Angel Maker' starts filming on Monday September 26 in Copenhagen.

April 11, 2022

Christopher Læssø in new YouSee-series

Christopher Læssø as hardcore gang-member in new YouSee-series

Humiliation, physical slaps and toilet cleaning are everyday occurrences for the underdog Nicki; a young guy who is diligently trying to work his way up in an unnamed street gang in a suburban area west of Copenhagen. But one day, when one of the high-ranking gang members is released from prison, Nicki gets a unique opportunity that can turn his life upside down. But he must consider his actions carefully, because his decisions can have fatal consequences.

‘Frit Land’ is a prequel to the popular YouSee Tv series ‘2 Døgn’, where the audience is taken to the suburban area west of Copenhagen to get an authentic insight into the hard-boiled gang environment. The second season of Nicolai Achton and Oscar Dyekjær Gieses nervewracking tv-serie, ‘Frit Land’, takes place three years earlier, and this time it focuses on the low-life criminal Nicki Nørrebro (Sebastian Bull) and his introduction to the local gang.

Christopher Læssøs acts the role as the temperamental gang member Simon, who is also a good friend of the newly prison-released Markus (Gustav Dyekjær Giese). Simon and Markus take the submissive Nicki under their wings, and this is when Nicki faces dilemmas which can define his future in the criminal gangland.

‘Free Land’ is a Danish crime drama series comprising a total of four episodes which each are 20 minutes in length. Through a poetic narrative of the urban street gang, the series is portraying the inside of the criminal world on Vestegnen. It is full of intensity and disturbing scenes, that keeps the audience engaged throughout the duration of the show. 

The series is created by Nicolai Achton and Oscar Dyekjær Giese, and premiers on the 11th of April at YouSee. Nicolai Achton is the director of all four episodes, Oscar Dyekjær Giese wrote the script, and the series is produces by DriveStudios with producer Anders N. Berg in lead. 

September 5, 2021

Christopher Læssø in new Tv2 Zulu series

Christopher Læssø stars in new comedy series

A 10 year high school reunion, a crashed ferry and six former classmates trapped on an island for indefinite time.

That’s roughly the center of TV2 Zulu’s new series ‘Blå Bog For Evigt’ where Christopher Læssø plays the character ‘Theis’ - the once popular guy in school with a promising future, who finds himself ten years later still waiting for his big breakthrough as a comedian.

When the former classmates from 3.w. arrange that their 10 year reunion should be held at a tiny island, everyone is on board. But when the only ferry connecting the island to the mainland crashes in the middle of the night, six classmates are suddenly trapped on the island indefinitely.
Before they realise it, old patterns quickly rise to the surface and the six classmates suddenly stand face to face with their younger self. Instead of being the host of a joyful reunion, the island is now center stage of a showdown, where the former classmates are forced to face broken dreams, unresolved expectations, old romances and the uncertainty of the future all while the walls are slowly getting closer.

The series consists of 5 episodes of humoristic scenes, embarrassing altercations and heartfelt moments when Christopher Læssø in the company of i.a. Jesper Ole Feit Andersen, Sofie Jo Kaufmanas and Josefine Tvermoes, is forced to face the past to - perhaps - gain valuable insight of the future.

The Tv-series was created by Claes Quaade and premiers on the 5th of September on TV2 Zulu and TV2 Play. Peter Molde-Amelung as conceptualizing director and Esben Tønnesen as episode director. The series is produced by Mille Bjørke and Mastiff with Nikolaj Feifer as creative producer.

Photo // Tv2

March 9, 2021

Christopher Læssø in new feature film

New feature film with Christopher Læssø reaches international attention

Martin Skovbjerg and an award winning Norwegian script writer is behind the feature film Copenhagen Does Not Exist.

Actor Christopher Læssø plays opposite names such as Zlatko Buric, Angela Bundalovic and the Blaue Blume lead singer, Jonas Holst Smith. The movie is a psychological drama following the lead character, Sander, after the disappearance of his girlfriend.

Only days after the crew first started shooting, the American culture magazine, Vulture, caught attention to the production, after it was presented at the European Film Market.

The film is produced by Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin and Katrin Pors for Snowglobe. It just started shooting and is expected to premiere in the fall of 2022.

Photo // Jacob Møller

October 6, 2020

Christopher Læssø is to play Robin Hood

Christopher Læssø is to play Robin Hood at Folketeatret.

It will be a production depicting humour, romance and the fight for justice, when Folketeatret this October, will open its doors to the famous fairytale set in Sherwood Forest.

The story of Robin Hood and his gang of merry men, has been told far and wide and in all kinds of productions. This didn’t make the story less popular. Nowadays, young and old, most people will know about the dealings of the Sheriff of Nottingham, of Prince John and of the deeds of Robin Hood, Brother Tuck and their friends. However, in this version, some of the characters have had their storyline widened. For most people, Maid Marian, played by Marie Bach Hansen, is known as Robin Hood’s object of affection. However, in this production, she has a story of her own. She, and other women added to the story, can match the skills and wit of any man. Still though, Maid Marian cannot help being impressed by Robin Hoods archery…

This production introduces Christopher Læssø’s Robin Hood as young and naive, but before long, an indignant fire towards social injustice rises within him and soon he can be seen doing what he does best: Stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor - spiced up, with loads of jokes and laughs along the way.

This version of Robin Hood, was written by Tony- and Olivier award winning Ken Ludwig. With shows on both Broadway and in London’s West End, his plays has become widely popular and has been shown in over 25 countries. And now, Robin Hood, will make it to a stage in Copenhagen.

Christopher Læssø is no stranger to Folketeatret, having previously starred in ‘Mød mig på Cassiopeia’.

Robin Hood will premiere at Folketeatret at October 15th 2020.

Photo // Gudmund Thai

April 2, 2020

Christopher Læssø vært på ‘Den Vildeste Danser’

Når TV2 til august 2020 blænder op for deres nye store show ‘Den Vildeste Danser’, bliver det med Christopher Læssø som vært.

‘Den Vildeste Danser’ begyndte optagelser i december 2019 og programmet får premiere i augusr. Showets koncept er oprindeligt udviklet til BBC af den verdenskendte TV-producer Simon Cowell som også stod bag og har været dommer på både'X-Factor', ‘Britain’s og ‘America’s got Talent’.

Udover Christopher Læssø vil Christiane Schaumburg-Müller også fungere som vært på ‘Den Vildeste Danser ‘, men velkendte navne fra dansens verden, såsom Mille Gori, Silas Holst og Sonny Fredie Pedersen skal guide deltagerne igennem konkurrencen.


Christopher Læssø kicks off his dancing shoes as he takes the helm as host of TV2’s new entertainment show.

In summer when TV2 launches it’s new big show ‘The Greatest Dancer’ Christopher Læssø takes the opportunity to kick-off his own dancing shoes and take on the role as host of one of the channels big hopes for the new season.

After, for some time, having focused on acting work in film and TV-dramas such as the DR series ‘Follow the Money’ and the Palme d’Or winner The Square Christopher Læssø returns to hosting on TV2 where he has previously hosted the channels big Saturday show ‘Denmark’s got Talent’. In the variety show Christopher Læssø was at the helm as contestants, more or less successfully, attempted to impress the judges with everything from dog tricks, to comedy, drag and dance.

It was during his own time as a contestant on ‘Vild med Dans’ (Dancing with the Stars) however that Christopher really understood what it takes to be a professional dancer.

“- I’ve always thought Dance was the coolest. But being on ‘Vild med Dans’ has given me an entirely new interest in and curiosity about what it means to be a good dancer” he told TV2.

‘The Greatest Dancer’ will begin filming in December and premiere in the beginning of the coming year. The concept was developed for BBC by the world famous TV-producer Simon Cowell, who also developed and was a judge on ‘Britain’s and ‘America’s got Talent’.

Apart from Christoffer Læssø, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller will also be hosting ‘The Greatest Dancer’, while well known names from the world of dance such as Silas Holst and Sonny Fredie Pedersen will be guiding the contestants throughout the show.

Photo // Daniel Stjerne

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