September 24, 2022

Jesper Tøffner is behind the camera and Aske Bang stars in new comedy

Jesper Tøffner is the D.O.P. on the film 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' with Brian Lykke, Rasmus Bjerg and Thit Aaberg in the leading roles, while Aske Bang lands a supporting role. 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' is Mikael Wulff's new comedy, a different feel good movie about a crazy road trip through a magical Copenhagen in the summertime.

'Højest Besynderlige Typer' is a comedy about three odd existences, who meet at a place in life, where they need each other and whatever they can get out of a friendship. They bring the best and the worst out in each other, but above all they help each other. 

Martin (Brian Lykke) has everything – he’s in his 40’s, quick in the line and is ready to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Cecilie. But then everything goes wrong. Cecilie declines!? Completely disillusioned, he gets wasted and wakes up the next day in a shared apartment. Here he concludes that everything in his life has gone wrong, that he needs to get away and start on a fresh. On the way to the airport and determent on this being the last day in his old life, he coincidently bumps into his old friend Knud (Rasmus Bjerg) and Freja (Thit Aaberg) – a young girl from the shared apartment. This unusual threesome makes a strange companion on a trip that will turn out to be that they have more in common than they have ever thought. 

Mikael Wulff says about the movie: “I have in most of my adult life worked and been surrounded by people who excels in using humor and language to their advantage. I am myself one of those disarmament people, but I have discovered that a part of this virtuosity also contains another agenda than to entertain – to push people away, suppress the truth and the difficult. This I where the noble art of irony is cultivated. 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' about three linguistically well-versed people – two of my generation and one from a younger and new generation – all of them has been abandoned and carries a deep pain. The movie reflects time and space, a day and a half in a magical summer I Copenhagen full of hope and healing”. 

New Creations is producing while SF Studios distributes. The movies is set to premiere in Danish theatres in 2023. 

September 5, 2022

‘Medieval’ – Cinematography by Jesper Tøffner

Jesper Tøffner is the Director of Photography on the historical epic 'Medieval', starring Ben Foster, Michael Caine and Danish Roland Møller and many more. The world premiere of 'Medieval' will take place today on September 5th in Prague.

Inspired by the true story of Jan Žižka, one of greatest warriors in history. After the death of its reigning emperor, the Holy Roman Empire is plummeting into chaos while feuding brothers King Wenceslas of Czech and King Sigismund of Hungary battle for control of the empty throne. Daring and righteous mercenary leader Jan Žižka (Ben Foster) is hired by Lord Boresh (Michael Caine) to kidnap the powerful Lord Rosenberg's (Til Schweiger) fiancée, Lady Katherine (Sophie Lowe), to prevent Rosenberg's rise to power alongside the corrupt King Sigismund. As Katherine becomes caught in a dangerous political game between the monarchs, Jan falls in love with her strong spirit and dedication to saving the people. In a brave attempt to liberate her, he fights back with a rebel army to battle the corruption, greed, and betrayal rampant amongst those clawing for power. Jan now realizes that the fate of the Empire will be decided by his love for Lady Katherine and that his fate doesn’t lie in the hands of Kings, but in the hands of his own people.

“Jan Žižka is a story about the birth of a warlord, and I think people will be surprised by the way it is conceived. The story plays out in 1402 during Žižka’s youth before the Hussite Wars. It has everything one needs to know about that time period to understand it. The film also features plenty of fighting, but above all a very strong story that takes you on a ride to the very end.” says the director Petr Jákl.

November 15, 2019

Aske Bang både skriver, instruerer og spiller hovedrollen i ny tv-serie, som Jesper Tøffner filmer

Man kan finde Aske Bang både foran og bagved kameraet i den nye tv-serie “Cold Hawaii” til Xee, som han har skabt i samarbejde med Allan Hyde.

Bølgerne går højt i Klitmøller, i den otte afsnit lange serie, som får premiere på Xee i sommeren 2020. I en kærlighedsfortælling følges to par i deres op- og nedture og fælles dilemmaer.

Serien, fortæller Aske Bang, har de skrevet med et ønske om at få flere historier om unge i parforhold på skærmen. Derudover, er den skrevet med både humor og dramatik, så man kan forvente at blive underholdt på flere fronter.

Jesper Tøffner filmer og New Creations producerer tv-serien.


Jesper Tøffner is cinematographer on the new Danish TV series “Cold Hawaii”. Aske Bang both writes, directs and plays the leading role

You can find Aske Bang both in front and behind the camera in new TV series for Xee. The series is developed in collaboration with Allan Hyde.

Relationships can be a stormy affair. Especially in the surfers’ retreat, Klitmøller, where this new series is set. In the course of eight episodes, we follow two couples in their relationships, love dilemmas and all the challenges they face.

According to Aske Bang, the series is written with a desire to get more stories of young people’s relationships, on the screen. The writers think it’s just as an important story to tell, as the story of single life - and it can be fun, too! Aske Bang says the audience can expect a TV drama series, with great moments of comedic effect.

It’s an experienced film crew, who worked on the series. Jesper Tøffner is the cinematographer who captured the beautiful settings and the producing duo is Michael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler.

Photo // Martin Bjørn Christiansen

May 10, 2019

Jesper Tøffner filmer tv-serien Sommerdahl – en ny dansk krimiserie

Efter stor succes i andre genrer, har TV2 Charlie nu givet sig i kast med sin første egenproducerede krimiserie.

Rammen om serien, er den historiske by Helsingør. Jesper Tøffner er manden der både skal indfange byens skønhed og historiens spænding. Og ambitionen om at indfange byen helt rigtigt, er høj. Det fortæller hovedforfatter Lolita Bellstar og producent Janni Helleskov, som sammen ejer det danske produktionsselskab Sequoia Global Alliance, til TV2. Produktionsholdet er taget godt imod af byen og de to ønsker derfor, både at skabe god underholdning og flotte billeder, som endvidere kan skabe værdi for byens borgere ved at promovere til både dansk og internationalt TV.

Serien er inspireret af bestsellerforfatteren Anna Grues krimier om “Den Skaldede Detektiv”. Historien handler om politiefterforskeren Dan Sommerdahl, spillet af Peter Mygind, som med stor ivrighed går ind i de lokale krimisager. Et engagement, som påvirker hans forhold til hans kone Marianne, Laura Drasbæk, som sammen med den tredje hovedkarakter Flemming Torp, også arbejder på politistationen. Et trekantsdrama ligger således og lurer, alt imens kriminsalsagerne udvikler sig.

Sommerdahl får premiere på TV2 Charlie i foråret 2020.


Jesper Tøffner is the cinematographer on The Sommerdahl Murders

The series is a philosophical crime TV-series revolving around murder, love and the idyllic Danish summer.

After great success in other genres, TV2 Charlie has now decided to produce its first, and very own, crime-series. During the summer of 2019, an experienced film crew have set the scene for an exciting story, following both police investigators and criminals.

The series is set in the historical town of Elsinore. The man asked to capture both the beauty of the city and the intrigues and excitement of the story, is Cinematographer, Jesper Tøffner. And the ambition to do exactly this right is, according to Lolita Bellstar and Janni Helleskov, very high. The two, Head Writer and Producer respectively, explains to TV2 how the whole crew was warmly welcomed by the citizens of Elsinore, and therefore wishes to create both good entertainment, but also a great promotion of the town on both Danish and International TV.

The Sommerdahl Murders is inspired by the Danish bestselling crime writer, Anna Grue’s stories. It is about police investigator, Dan Summerdahl, who gets greatly occupied with all the local criminal investigations. This object of attention is however damaging to his relationship with his wife, Marianne. Together will a third party, Flemming Torp, she also works at the police station. As we follow the series, both the crime investigations as well as a potential love triangle, starts to emerge.

Sommerdahl is expected to premiere on TV2 Charlie in the spring of 2020.

Photo // Mike Kollöffel, Tv2

November 11, 2018

Danmarkspremiere på I Krig og Kærlighed filmet af Jesper Tøffner

I dag d. 11. november 2018 har filmen I Krig og Kærlighed premiere i Sønderborg, da det netop i dag er 100 år siden at første verdenskrig officielt blev afsluttet. I Krig og Kærlighed er et episk og rørende kærlighedsdrama der finder sted under første Verdenskrig og er baseret på virkelige hændelser.

I filmen medvirker blandt andre Thure Lindhardt, Ulrich Thomsen og tyske Thomas Wlaschiha.

Photo // Fridthjof Film

March 6, 2018

Troels Malling medvirker og Jesper Tøffner filmer spillefilmen Så Længe Jeg Lever

I denne uge har Ole Bornedals nye drama Så Længe Jeg Lever, om den folkekære musiker John Mogensen premiere i landets biografer.

Historien følger Mogensen fra hans barndom over det første gennembrud med kvartetten Four Jacks til den hårde rejse mod toppen af de danske hitlister som soloartist. På sidelinjen står hustruen Ruth, og deres tumultariske ægteskab er sangerens eneste holdepunkt i en musiktilværelse, der domineres af lidenskab, angst og alkohol.

Instruktør og manuskriptforfatter Ole Bornedal går i sit portræt helt tæt på den lidende kunstner, der kæmper en indvendig og opslidende kamp mod sine egne dæmoner - hans perfektionistiske krav og søgen efter det fuldkommende.

June 26, 2017

Jesper Tøffner filmer ny Netflix serie

Netflix´første originale danske serie, som har fået titlen ’The Rain’ skal instrueres af Kenneth Kainz og Natasha Arthy, produceres af Miso Film og filmes af Jesper Tøffner. Optagelserne til den nye tv-serie begynder i dag.

'The Rain' tager udgangspunkt i en ødelæggende biologisk katastrofe. Serien foregår seks år efter, at civilisationen, som vi kender den, er forsvundet. De fleste er døde af en brutal virus. Et ungt søskendepar tilslutter sig en gruppe overlevende, som er på udkig efter, om en ny verden er opstået.

'The Rain', der får international premiere på Netflix i 2018, vil være tilgængelig for over 100 millioner medlemmer.

January 10, 2017

Robert nominering til Jesper Tøffner

Stort tillykke til Jesper Tøffner med Robert nomineringen som Årets fotograf (Kollektivet)

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