'Mr. Freeman' is a new Danish feature film - a touching drama, written and directed by award-winning Mads Matthiesen and produced by Jonas Bagger at Zentropa opens in theaters on January 11, 2024. In the cast there is the young talents Lina Lund Jørgensen and Daouda Keita, and Mia Lyhne and Nicolas Bro in the leading roles.

When lonely teenager Simone begins an online relationship with a cute Ghanaian guy named Freeman, she convinces her reluctant parents that he can come to Denmark and visit the family for a few weeks. As Simone's relationship with Freeman develops, family opposition grows and ignites an old conflict between Simone and her mother…

In the lead role of Simone, you can experience the young talent Lina Lund Jørgensen, who makes her debut in 'Mr. Freeman'. Opposite her, French Daouda Keita is seen in the role of Mr. Freeman. Daouda Keita has most recently played a leading role in the Netflix series 'Le Monde de Demain', which in 2022 won the Grand Prix at Series Mania. He has also had roles in the French TV series 'Mortel' (2021) and 'Narvalo' (2020). In 'Mr. Freeman' is the first time he tries his hand at Danish film.

Mia Lyhne and Nicolas Bro are seen in the roles of Simone's parents Kirsten and Leif. Mia Lyhne is one of Denmark's most popular actors, who for a number of years has impressed with her comedic timing, e.g. in the viewer success 'Klovn' as both a TV series and film, and in films and TV series such as 'A-klassen' (2012), 'All Inclusive' (2014), 'Lille Sommerfugl' (2020) and 'Take my hand' (2022).

Photo / Christian Geisnæs