Lars Hundebøll has directed the new tv-series ‘Klemt’ - a colorful and humorous story about being on the verge to adulthood and the many awkward, embarrassing and funny altercations all leading up to it.

‘Klemt’ is the story about a young woman ‘Stina’ who’s not completely satisfied with her job as a tv host at the popular children's show ‘7-9-13’. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Stina has zero interest in children and merely has a dream of hosting her own talk show. In order to achieve what she wants, she has to endure numerous trials and tribulations to get one step closer to her dream.

Ditte Arnth is part of a young talented cast, including i.a. Mathilde Passer, Elias Munk, Sofie Jo Kaufmanas and Ida Marie Nielsen - not to mention the rising star, the comedian Eva Jin, who plays the lead as the quirky and dreamy ‘Stina’.

Together with Lars Hundebøll, Christian Volfing has written the script. The series is produced by Doceye, with Christian Volfing as producer and has Nanna Nyboe Tabor as TV2's executive producer.

All six episodes of the comedy-series ‘Klemt’ are available on TV2 Play.