Jesper Tøffner is the D.O.P. on the film 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' with Brian Lykke, Rasmus Bjerg and Thit Aaberg in the leading roles, while Aske Bang lands a supporting role. 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' is Mikael Wulff's new comedy, a different feel good movie about a crazy road trip through a magical Copenhagen in the summertime.

'Højest Besynderlige Typer' is a comedy about three odd existences, who meet at a place in life, where they need each other and whatever they can get out of a friendship. They bring the best and the worst out in each other, but above all they help each other. 

Martin (Brian Lykke) has everything – he’s in his 40’s, quick in the line and is ready to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Cecilie. But then everything goes wrong. Cecilie declines!? Completely disillusioned, he gets wasted and wakes up the next day in a shared apartment. Here he concludes that everything in his life has gone wrong, that he needs to get away and start on a fresh. On the way to the airport and determent on this being the last day in his old life, he coincidently bumps into his old friend Knud (Rasmus Bjerg) and Freja (Thit Aaberg) – a young girl from the shared apartment. This unusual threesome makes a strange companion on a trip that will turn out to be that they have more in common than they have ever thought. 

Mikael Wulff says about the movie: “I have in most of my adult life worked and been surrounded by people who excels in using humor and language to their advantage. I am myself one of those disarmament people, but I have discovered that a part of this virtuosity also contains another agenda than to entertain – to push people away, suppress the truth and the difficult. This I where the noble art of irony is cultivated. 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' about three linguistically well-versed people – two of my generation and one from a younger and new generation – all of them has been abandoned and carries a deep pain. The movie reflects time and space, a day and a half in a magical summer I Copenhagen full of hope and healing”. 

New Creations is producing while SF Studios distributes. The movies is set to premiere in Danish theatres in 2023.