December 10, 2021

Rasmus Hammerich in ‘Elves’ climbs the Netflix charts

Almost two weeks after its initial release on November 28th, the Danish Netflix original series Elves starring Rasmus Hammerich is proving to be a big hit – inside and outside of Denmark.

Elves. Rasmus Hammerich as Møller in Elves. Cr. Henrik Ohsten/Netflix © 2021

It has captured a spot in Netflix’ coveted international Top Ten, claiming the 5th rank of all non-English language series worldwide with almost 18 Million hours of streaming

The story is exciting: Hoping to reconnect over Christmas, a family of four travels to a remote island in the Danish archipelago, only to find it controlled by members of a strongly religious community living in balance with fierce creatures in the woods revealed to be… elves. Real, monstrous beings that inspired the folklore and myths we all know. When the girl in the family finds and brings home a baby elf, she inadvertently disrupts the balance and throws everyone on the island into a life-or-death battle for faith, family and pure survival.

Rasmus Hammerich was interviewed about his role by Popternative. You can watch the interview here:

Photo / Henrik Ohsten

November 27, 2021

Rasmus Hammerich stars in ‘Elves’ – The new Danish Netflix Original

Netflix is launching Elves, a new Danish Netflix original series from the creators and the executive producers behind The Rain on November 28th. Elves will bring back the real, monstrous beings that inspired the folklore and myths we all know.

The Danish language series was shot outside of Copenhagen and stars Rasmus Hammerich (A Horrible Woman) – and Ann Eleonora Jørgensen (Ride Upon the Storm), Peder Thomas Pedersen (The Lawyer), Lila Nobel (The Rain) and Lukas Løkken (The Rain).

Hoping to reconnect over Christmas, a family of four travel to a remote island in the Danish archipelago, only to find it controlled by members of a strongly religious community living in balance with fierce creatures in the woods revealed to be… elves. Real, monstrous beings that inspired the folklore and myths we all know. When the girl in the family finds and brings home a baby elf, she inadvertently disrupts the balance and throws everyone on the island into a life-or-death battle for faith, family and pure survival.

The original series is composed of six episodes and set in Denmark and is created and written by Stefan Jaworski (Those Who Kill, The Candidate), directed by Roni Ezra (The New Nurses) and produced by Elise H. Lund for Miso Film. Elves is based on an original idea of Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christian Potalivo (The Rain), who also serve as executive producers together with Peter Bose and Jonas Allen from Miso Film.

Peter Bose, CEO & Producer at Miso Film says: "With our new Netflix show Elves we continue the strong partnership we have been building with Netflix through three seasons of The Rain. Elves is a Christmas horror show exploring the premise ‘What if Elves were real and dangerous? and once again Netflix shows that they dare when others don't. We praise that Netflix opens the doors to new genres which we couldn't afford to develop and produce in the past in our local market. Elves will be shot entirely in the greater area of Copenhagen and we look very much forward to giving Netflix' subscribers a unique take on the Christmas genre".

Tesha Crawford, Director Netflix International Originals Northern Europe: “There are a lot of reasons why we are excited about this new Danish production. First off, teaming up again with our long term partners at Miso Film - who have proven to be such great storytellers. Secondly, tapping into the local myths that have always such great resonance in the Nordic region and being able to transform this into a modern day Christmas story- with a little touch of horror.”

Find more about Elves on Netflix at

September 16, 2021

Jens Sætter-Lassen stars in The Sommerdahl Murders

Jens Sætter-Lassen in third season of highly popular crime series The Sommerdahl Murders

When the third season of the crime series ‘The Sommerdahl Murders’ hits the screen, Jens Sætter-Lassen is among the cast. ‘The Sommerdahl Murders’ is the
most viewed tv-show ever on TV2 Charlie.

‘The Sommerdahl Murders’ is about police investigator Dan Sommerdahl, who due to his demanding job is fighting to save his marriage from falling apart.
At the same time, he’s fighting crime and catching criminals with his indispensable partner and friend Flemming Toft.

Jens Sætter-Lassen plays alongside established actors as i.a. Peter Mygind, Lotte Andersen, Laura Drasbæk, Peter Gantzler and André Babikian.

‘The Sommerdahl Murders’ is created by scriptwriter and dramaturg Lolita Bellstar and directed by Kenneth Kainz og Carsten Myllerup. Third season of ‘The Sommerdahl Murders’ will be aired at TV2 Charlie and TV2 Play in 2022, TBA.

September 5, 2021

Christopher Læssø in new Tv2 Zulu series

Christopher Læssø stars in new comedy series

A 10 year high school reunion, a crashed ferry and six former classmates trapped on an island for indefinite time.

That’s roughly the center of TV2 Zulu’s new series ‘Blå Bog For Evigt’ where Christopher Læssø plays the character ‘Theis’ - the once popular guy in school with a promising future, who finds himself ten years later still waiting for his big breakthrough as a comedian.

When the former classmates from 3.w. arrange that their 10 year reunion should be held at a tiny island, everyone is on board. But when the only ferry connecting the island to the mainland crashes in the middle of the night, six classmates are suddenly trapped on the island indefinitely.
Before they realise it, old patterns quickly rise to the surface and the six classmates suddenly stand face to face with their younger self. Instead of being the host of a joyful reunion, the island is now center stage of a showdown, where the former classmates are forced to face broken dreams, unresolved expectations, old romances and the uncertainty of the future all while the walls are slowly getting closer.

The series consists of 5 episodes of humoristic scenes, embarrassing altercations and heartfelt moments when Christopher Læssø in the company of i.a. Jesper Ole Feit Andersen, Sofie Jo Kaufmanas and Josefine Tvermoes, is forced to face the past to - perhaps - gain valuable insight of the future.

The Tv-series was created by Claes Quaade and premiers on the 5th of September on TV2 Zulu and TV2 Play. Peter Molde-Amelung as conceptualizing director and Esben Tønnesen as episode director. The series is produced by Mille Bjørke and Mastiff with Nikolaj Feifer as creative producer.

Photo // Tv2

August 9, 2021

Aske Bang in new comedy on Discovery+

Discovery+ is going all in on their fiction content, and platform has kickstartet the show with the premiere of ‘Fars Drenge’.

The new comedy series is about a group of four young guys - Mathias, Jens, Oliver and Pelle. Aske Bang plays the role of Mathias who, together with his three mates, is living the sweet bachelor life in Pelles enormous flat. Pelle’s dad is rich and generous, so the four guys can lead a life of party and pleasure, not worrying about education, family or future.

But as the big 30 is getting the closer, the four guys are being more and more confronted with how the people around them has moved on in life. Through awkward and comedic situations, the four friends navigate their way through their late twenties as close friends - making it hard for the audience not to be both charmed and entertained.

Aske Bang plays opposite Allan Hyde, Lue Støvelbæk og Alexander Clement. The Director is Morten BH.
Besides it’s premiere on Discovery+ 9th of august, the series is now also available on Kanal 5.

Photo // Discovery+

July 19, 2021

Ditte Arnth stars in the comedy ‘Klemt’ on TV2 Zulu

Lars Hundebøll has directed the new tv-series ‘Klemt’ - a colorful and humorous story about being on the verge to adulthood and the many awkward, embarrassing and funny altercations all leading up to it.

‘Klemt’ is the story about a young woman ‘Stina’ who’s not completely satisfied with her job as a tv host at the popular children's show ‘7-9-13’. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Stina has zero interest in children and merely has a dream of hosting her own talk show. In order to achieve what she wants, she has to endure numerous trials and tribulations to get one step closer to her dream.

Ditte Arnth is part of a young talented cast, including i.a. Mathilde Passer, Elias Munk, Sofie Jo Kaufmanas and Ida Marie Nielsen - not to mention the rising star, the comedian Eva Jin, who plays the lead as the quirky and dreamy ‘Stina’.

Together with Lars Hundebøll, Christian Volfing has written the script. The series is produced by Doceye, with Christian Volfing as producer and has Nanna Nyboe Tabor as TV2's executive producer.

All six episodes of the comedy-series ‘Klemt’ are available on TV2 Play.

March 15, 2021

Martin Høgsted in new Swedish TV-series

'A Class Apart' is a thriller-drama series, about the economic elite of Swedish Youth.

Martin Høgsted can once again be found playing a character in a Swedish production - this time in a drama about privilege, power and unfulfilled dreams.

In the story, a young student from the posh boarding school, Tuna Kvarn, is found dead. The case is met with a wall of silence from the school’s privileged youth. Not far from Tuna Kvarn lies the public school - Holmeredskolan, which, in no time, becomes a suspected source of truth of the tragedy. All eyes are on the two schools and their young students, as new truths are unfolded through the harsh filters of social media.

The idea for the series came from Gustaf Skördeman, as well as Henrik Schyffer, who can also be found in front of the camera. It is a production corporation between Jarowski og Brommamamma and Film Väst.

'A Class Apart' is a series of eight episodes. The series premieres on Viaplay.

Photo // Viaplay

March 9, 2021

Christopher Læssø in new feature film

New feature film with Christopher Læssø reaches international attention

Martin Skovbjerg and an award winning Norwegian script writer is behind the feature film Copenhagen Does Not Exist.

Actor Christopher Læssø plays opposite names such as Zlatko Buric, Angela Bundalovic and the Blaue Blume lead singer, Jonas Holst Smith. The movie is a psychological drama following the lead character, Sander, after the disappearance of his girlfriend.

Only days after the crew first started shooting, the American culture magazine, Vulture, caught attention to the production, after it was presented at the European Film Market.

The film is produced by Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin and Katrin Pors for Snowglobe. It just started shooting and is expected to premiere in the fall of 2022.

Photo // Jacob Møller

February 6, 2021

Julefeber med Martin Høgsted vinder en Robert

Den populære julekalender på DR vinder prisen for Årets korte Tv-serie ved Robertprisen 2021.

Nisser, ballet og glöggøbleskiver er blot få af ingredienserne til sidste års anmelderroste julekalender på Danmarks Radio, om teenageren Bjørn og hans lille familie.

'Julefeber' er en magisk fortælling, der sat i kontrastfulde rammer mellem Urbanplanen og det Kongelige Teater, fortæller om en lille familie der, selvom de møder megen modstand, kæmper for at holde sammen og holde ud. Om Bjørn der skal finde rundt i sin nye identitet, om Gro der mærker julemagi, om far Kalle der forsøger at give sine børn en god jul og om balletdanseren Frederikke (Maria Szigethy), som skal bevise sit værd som danser.

Julekalenderen har både musik, dans, drama, uhygge og sjov. Smukke scener fra balletdansere i Nødeknækkeren efterfølges af humoristiske indslag med kantinemedarbejderen Ulrik, spillet af Martin Høgsted, der ikke helt ved om han skal spolere hans kollega Kalles (Joachim Fjelstrup) planer, eller om han skal hjælpe med at få julen i hus.

Med mange fine scener og karakterer er 'Julefeber' blevet rost i adskillige medier og i det nye år modtog julekalenderen altså en Robert for bedste korte TV-serie.

– Vi er så lykkelige og taknemmelige. Prisen deler vi med det dygtigste og kærligste filmhold og de skønneste og modigste spillere, siger instruktør Natasha Arthy til

Kun én gang før, har en julekalender løbet med prisen i samme kategori.

October 6, 2020

Christopher Læssø is to play Robin Hood

Christopher Læssø is to play Robin Hood at Folketeatret.

It will be a production depicting humour, romance and the fight for justice, when Folketeatret this October, will open its doors to the famous fairytale set in Sherwood Forest.

The story of Robin Hood and his gang of merry men, has been told far and wide and in all kinds of productions. This didn’t make the story less popular. Nowadays, young and old, most people will know about the dealings of the Sheriff of Nottingham, of Prince John and of the deeds of Robin Hood, Brother Tuck and their friends. However, in this version, some of the characters have had their storyline widened. For most people, Maid Marian, played by Marie Bach Hansen, is known as Robin Hood’s object of affection. However, in this production, she has a story of her own. She, and other women added to the story, can match the skills and wit of any man. Still though, Maid Marian cannot help being impressed by Robin Hoods archery…

This production introduces Christopher Læssø’s Robin Hood as young and naive, but before long, an indignant fire towards social injustice rises within him and soon he can be seen doing what he does best: Stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor - spiced up, with loads of jokes and laughs along the way.

This version of Robin Hood, was written by Tony- and Olivier award winning Ken Ludwig. With shows on both Broadway and in London’s West End, his plays has become widely popular and has been shown in over 25 countries. And now, Robin Hood, will make it to a stage in Copenhagen.

Christopher Læssø is no stranger to Folketeatret, having previously starred in ‘Mød mig på Cassiopeia’.

Robin Hood will premiere at Folketeatret at October 15th 2020.

Photo // Gudmund Thai

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