September 24, 2022

Jesper Tøffner is behind the camera and Aske Bang stars in new comedy

Jesper Tøffner is the D.O.P. on the film 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' with Brian Lykke, Rasmus Bjerg and Thit Aaberg in the leading roles, while Aske Bang lands a supporting role. 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' is Mikael Wulff's new comedy, a different feel good movie about a crazy road trip through a magical Copenhagen in the summertime.

'Højest Besynderlige Typer' is a comedy about three odd existences, who meet at a place in life, where they need each other and whatever they can get out of a friendship. They bring the best and the worst out in each other, but above all they help each other. 

Martin (Brian Lykke) has everything – he’s in his 40’s, quick in the line and is ready to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Cecilie. But then everything goes wrong. Cecilie declines!? Completely disillusioned, he gets wasted and wakes up the next day in a shared apartment. Here he concludes that everything in his life has gone wrong, that he needs to get away and start on a fresh. On the way to the airport and determent on this being the last day in his old life, he coincidently bumps into his old friend Knud (Rasmus Bjerg) and Freja (Thit Aaberg) – a young girl from the shared apartment. This unusual threesome makes a strange companion on a trip that will turn out to be that they have more in common than they have ever thought. 

Mikael Wulff says about the movie: “I have in most of my adult life worked and been surrounded by people who excels in using humor and language to their advantage. I am myself one of those disarmament people, but I have discovered that a part of this virtuosity also contains another agenda than to entertain – to push people away, suppress the truth and the difficult. This I where the noble art of irony is cultivated. 'Højest Besynderlige Typer' about three linguistically well-versed people – two of my generation and one from a younger and new generation – all of them has been abandoned and carries a deep pain. The movie reflects time and space, a day and a half in a magical summer I Copenhagen full of hope and healing”. 

New Creations is producing while SF Studios distributes. The movies is set to premiere in Danish theatres in 2023. 

May 18, 2022

Festival de Cannes 2022

Fine Management is in Cannes to attend the 75th edition of Cannes Film Festival, and Susanne Jepsen is looking forward to participating in the event from 18th till 21st May.

Aske Bang is starring in the award-winning VR film ‘End of Night’ by David Adler. A film that takes you deep into a man’s mind – back to the painful memories from that night, during World War ll, when he fled from the Nazi-occupied Denmark to Sweden. The film was selected for this year’s Cannes XR x VeeR VR Future Award Competetion – and as well selected to be shown at the platform Alexandria – a new futuristic virtual world that showcases the best of international VR creation.

Actress Virginie Efira will serve as host of the opening and closing ceremonies, and one of the highlights of the opening ceremony will be the presence of the 75th Festival’s guest of honor, the Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker, who will receive an honorary Palme d’or. Michel Hazanavicius’ ‘Final Cut’ will be screened as this year’s opening film. After 11 days of Festival, the Jury will give the awards, and the Palme d’or-winning film will be shown in Grand Théâtre Lumière.

Three Danish films are part of the Official Selection.

Cannes Film Festival 2022 is all set to begin 17th May and is scheduled to go on till 28th May.

August 9, 2021

Aske Bang in new comedy on Discovery+

Discovery+ is going all in on their fiction content, and platform has kickstartet the show with the premiere of ‘Fars Drenge’.

The new comedy series is about a group of four young guys - Mathias, Jens, Oliver and Pelle. Aske Bang plays the role of Mathias who, together with his three mates, is living the sweet bachelor life in Pelles enormous flat. Pelle’s dad is rich and generous, so the four guys can lead a life of party and pleasure, not worrying about education, family or future.

But as the big 30 is getting the closer, the four guys are being more and more confronted with how the people around them has moved on in life. Through awkward and comedic situations, the four friends navigate their way through their late twenties as close friends - making it hard for the audience not to be both charmed and entertained.

Aske Bang plays opposite Allan Hyde, Lue Støvelbæk og Alexander Clement. The Director is Morten BH.
Besides it’s premiere on Discovery+ 9th of august, the series is now also available on Kanal 5.

Photo // Discovery+

January 16, 2020

Aske Bang er med i ny sæson af seersuccesen Badehotellet

Den, for mange danskere, velkendte historie om det vestjyske badehotel, fortsætter med både uhygge og amoriner i luften, når nye karakterer, byder på nye fortællinger.

Krigen er kommet til Danmark og selv på Andersens lille Badehotel, får man hurtigt besættelsens konsekvenser at føle. Året er 1940 og der er indført kørselsforbud for alle private bilister, så hotellet er i tvivl om der overhovedet kommer gæster denne sommer. Men man skal ikke stå i vejen for danskernes foretrukne feriesteder, så inden længe, bliver huset fyldt. Blandt de besøgende er dog også tyskerne. De begynder stille at sætte krav, som sætter hotellet overfor en række svære valg.

Mens man kan gyse over tyskernes indtog, kan man som seer også glæde sig over flere nye karakterer. Blandt dem er den gode politibetjent Folmer Gregersen, spillet af Troels Malling. Som tro betjent til staten, følger han regeringens eksempel og lever, så vidt muligt, i fredelig sameksistens med den ny besættelsesmagt. Det får ham dog ikke til at fravige hans ansvar som fungerende betjent og han stræber derfor altid efter at være danskernes beskytter i den svære tid.

Trods krigen, er der også stadig plads til lidt sommerflirt. På Frighs Tobakfabrik har en ung og charmerende københavner fået arbejde. Han er 22 år, hedder Jan Larsen og bliver spillet af Aske Bang. Jan er en fri sjæl, kommunist og en ordentlig hovedpine for fabrikkens forvalter, som må beklage sig til direktørens kone. Direktørens datter derimod, bliver helt anderledes interesseret i den unge Jan fra København. Hun er selv vant til de samme rutiner, traditioner og destinationer og ser en eventyrlyst i Jan, som hun ønsker at udforske.

Badehotellet er blevet til en af de helt store seersucceser i Danmark. Siden seriens start, har danskerne siddet klistret til skærmen og da den forrige og sjette sæson fik premiere, slog serien sin egen rekord hvor intet mindre end 1.589.000 danskere så med.

Den 27. Januar 2020 får syvende sæson af Badehotellet premiere. Den kan ses på TV2 og TV2 PLAY.


Aske Bang are in the new season of the hit series, Badehotellet.

The popular Danish series will soon premiere their newest season, presenting new characters who will bring stories of both love and war.

The War has entered through the borders of Denmark, and even in the small seaside hotel, Andersen’s Badehotel, the consequences of wartime is evident. The year is 1940 and a ban on private driving has been introduced. This worries the hotel owner, Amanda, who, having recently bought the hotel, worries if any guests will actually then show up. However, this popular holiday spot cannot be resisted and soon regulars, as well as new faces, show up at the hotel. Among the new, are the German soldiers. They are setting a list of demands for the hotel to uphold, and Amanda is now faced with new dilemmas and choices.

There are also some of the new characters, that are easier to grow fond of. One of them is the police officer, Folmer Gregersen, played by Troels Malling. Being a law abiding citizen, he follows the government in acting out his duties peacefully, although side by side of the Nazi soldiers. Still though, Folmer sees himself as a defender of the Danish people, and takes this responsibility very seriously.

Even in wartime, there can be room for a summer romance. On the local Frigh’s Tobacco Factory, a new, young cityboy was recently employed. His name is Jan Larsen and he is played by Aske Bang. Jan is a freespirited guy, he’s a communist and he’s a giant headache for the Factory manager, who goes to the director’s wife to complain. The director’s daughter, however, is intrigued by this new kid in town. She is used to the same routines, traditions and destinations, but in Jan she sees a sense of adventure, that she herself has been longing to unfold.

Badehotellet has through all its’ seasons, been a giant success. Since the beginning, the Danish viewers has been glued to the screen and at the last seasons’ premiere, it beat its own record of no less than 1.589.000 viewers.

The seventh season will premiere on january 27th on the Danish TV2 and can be streamed at TV2 PLAY.

November 15, 2019

Aske Bang både skriver, instruerer og spiller hovedrollen i ny tv-serie, som Jesper Tøffner filmer

Man kan finde Aske Bang både foran og bagved kameraet i den nye tv-serie “Cold Hawaii” til Xee, som han har skabt i samarbejde med Allan Hyde.

Bølgerne går højt i Klitmøller, i den otte afsnit lange serie, som får premiere på Xee i sommeren 2020. I en kærlighedsfortælling følges to par i deres op- og nedture og fælles dilemmaer.

Serien, fortæller Aske Bang, har de skrevet med et ønske om at få flere historier om unge i parforhold på skærmen. Derudover, er den skrevet med både humor og dramatik, så man kan forvente at blive underholdt på flere fronter.

Jesper Tøffner filmer og New Creations producerer tv-serien.


Jesper Tøffner is cinematographer on the new Danish TV series “Cold Hawaii”. Aske Bang both writes, directs and plays the leading role

You can find Aske Bang both in front and behind the camera in new TV series for Xee. The series is developed in collaboration with Allan Hyde.

Relationships can be a stormy affair. Especially in the surfers’ retreat, Klitmøller, where this new series is set. In the course of eight episodes, we follow two couples in their relationships, love dilemmas and all the challenges they face.

According to Aske Bang, the series is written with a desire to get more stories of young people’s relationships, on the screen. The writers think it’s just as an important story to tell, as the story of single life - and it can be fun, too! Aske Bang says the audience can expect a TV drama series, with great moments of comedic effect.

It’s an experienced film crew, who worked on the series. Jesper Tøffner is the cinematographer who captured the beautiful settings and the producing duo is Michael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler.

Photo // Martin Bjørn Christiansen

November 11, 2018

Aske Bang med i DR3 nye serie Doggystyle

I serien der er skrevet og instrueret af det nye talent Anna Emma Haudal medvirker Aske Bang i rollen som sig selv, som hovedpersonen Astas usympatiske og ubehagelig bolleven.

Soundvenue mener at “Doggystyle er et stykke uundværligt ungdomsfiktion fra allerøverste DR3-hylde, og i Haudals nænsomt bevidste instruktørhænder bliver Astas retur til provinsen en konstant vedkommende, men på intet tidspunkt pædagogisk fortælling, hvor spejleffekten er påfaldende præcis.”

Se serien på DR3 og DR TV fra 11. nov. 2018.

Photo // DR3

May 18, 2018

Aske Bang ses i større rolle i hitserien Perfekte Steder

I Mikael Wullfs TV-serie, Perfekte Steder, spiller Aske Bang en større rolle som karakteren Alex, der sammen med MM, spillet af Sophie-Marie Jeppesen, gør det som det livsglade kærestepar.

TV-serien Perfekte Steder handler om Tobias og Rose der falder pladask for hinanden på trods af store modsætninger.

I tre sæsoner følger vi deres op- og nedture, og hvorvidt man kan få det til at fungere, når den ene part foretrækker jakkesættet, mens den anden helst trækker i spraglede outfits. Alt imens følger vi også vennegruppen, herunder kæresteparret Alex og MM portrætteret af Aske Bang og Sophie-Marie Jeppesen, der gerne kaster sig ud i store fællesprojekter, selvom de fra tid til anden kæmper med fristelser uden for forholdet.

Serien er skrevet af Mikael Wullf og har fået flere gode anmeldelser med på vejen. Blandt andet af Kultbox og filmmagasinet EKKO, hvor sidstnævnte i en anmeldelse skriver om Aske Bang og hans fiktive partner:

”Aske Bang og Sophie-Marie Jeppesen giver serien liv og charme som det friske livsglade par Alex og MM”

Perfekter Steder består af tre sæsoner, hvoraf den sidste og afsluttende sæson blev sendt i 2019. På rollelisten ses også blandt andre Gustav Dyekjær Giese og Sarah Hjort Ditlevsen.


Aske Bang is starring in romantic drama TV-series

Aske Bang plays happy-in-love character, Alex, in the TV-series, Perfekte steder (“Perfect Places”). Together with Sophie-Marie Jeppesen, the two make the happy couple in a series portraying a group of friends, all with each their love story.

Perfekte Steder is a romantic drama series, about Tobias and Rose who, despite the two being polar opposites, falls deeply in love.

During three seasons, we follow the couples’ ups and downs, and whether it’s actually to make it work, if one prefers the suit, while the other chooses the quirky and colourful. In the story, we also follow the couple’s group of friends, including Alex and MM, portrayed by Aske Bang and Sophie-Marie Jeppesen. They are the couple who engages in big common couple-projects, happy, but still somehow struggling with temptations outside the relationship.

The series is created by writer Mikael Wullf and has received several good reviews along the way, from media such as Kultbox as well as from the film magazine, EKKO, who writes that the happy couple, Alex and MM, brings life and charm to the series.

Perfekte Steder has three seasons, the third being the final one. Also starring in the series is Gustav Dyekjær Giese and Sarah Hjort Ditlevsen.

Photo // TV2

June 27, 2017

Troels Malling i anmelderrost Græsted Revy

Græsted Revyen har netop haft premiere og Frederiksborg Amts Avis/Sjællandske Medier har anmeldt revyen med topkarakterer. Seks stjerner går til 'drømmeholdet', som avisen kalder det. "I år har revyen fået titlen »Hvor galt ka' det gå?« Svaret må lyde »Intet går galt«."
Vil du opleve Troels Malling sammen med John Batz, René Richardt og Christine Exner på scenen i Græsted Revyen, kan billetter købes her

May 10, 2017

Vinterberg optager stjernespækket international thriller med Aske Bang på rollelisten

Optagelserne til den dramatiske tragedie om den russiske ubåd ’Kursk’, der forulykkede i år 2000, er gået i gang. I filmen medvirker Aske Bang med blandt andre Colin Firth, Léa Seydoux og Matthias Schoenaerts.

Filmen skildrer de 23 besætningsmedlemmer, der efter en stor eksplosion om bord, måtte kæmpe for deres liv i ubåden, mens hele verden så på og familierne hjemme i Rusland gjorde alt for at redde dem.

På rollelisten er også Max von Sydow, Michael Nyqvist samt Peter Simonischek fra den Oscarnominerede tyske film ’Toni Erdmann’.

Vi glæder os til at 'Kursk' får premiere i 2018.

February 7, 2017

Aske Bang til Oscar lunch

Så er Oscar arrangementerne gået i gang og vi håber at Aske nyder hvert eneste øjeblik.
Stort tillykke - vi hepper på dig!

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