Nordisk Film Production presents the nerve-wracking thriller 'Nightwatch - Demons Are Forever'. After 29 years, director Ole Bornedal is ready with the sequel to the Danish cult phenomenon 'Nightwatch'. Ulf Pilgaard is back in the role as Commissioner Wörmer, and Christopher Læssø stars in a supporting role.

Young medical student Emma decides to find out what happened in the basement of the Department of Forensic Medicine almost 30 years ago, when her parents Martin and Kalinka were nearly killed by the psychopathic serial killer Commissioner Wörmer. Emma takes a student job as a night watchman at the same place and initiates an unauthorized meeting with Wörmer in his isolation cell in the psychiatric department at Sct. Hans Hospital. The meeting awakens the commissioner from a long-term coma and sets in motion a bloody revenge against all those who in his time sealed his fate. Now it's up to Emma to find the connection and stop the madness.

Nordisk Film Production and Ole Bornedal have assembled an exceptionally strong cast consisting of several of the actors from the first film as well as some of the biggest and most acclaimed Danish actors of the time. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ('Game of Thrones') is back in the role of Martin, who is now heavily traumatized by the horrors of the past at Forensic Medicine.

After major roles in international TV series, such as HBO's 'Killing Eve' (2018-2022) and Netflix's 'The Witcher' (2019-), Kim Bodnia is back in her first Danish film role in 9 years. He returns in the role of Jens, who made him a well-known Danish face 29 years ago. New to the cast is Fanny Bornedal in the lead role as Martin's daughter Emma.

Thomas Heinesen produces for Nordisk Film Production. The film is supported by The Danish Film Institute, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje and Nordisk Film & TV Fond in collaboration with DR, ZDF and Nadcon.

Bornedal said of the sequel: “'Nightwatch' is about legacy. About the silence in families. About the traumas and cuts and wounds that are allowed to live through generations. And in addition, it is exciting to return to the condensed genre that horror is. Kiss the demons - pull them into the light for a little moment. Look them in the eyes and think: “Good thing it’s only a film”.

'Nightwatch - Demons Are Forever' opens in theaters on December 14, 2023.

Photo / Christian Geisnæs