Christopher Læssø stars in new comedy series

A 10 year high school reunion, a crashed ferry and six former classmates trapped on an island for indefinite time.

That’s roughly the center of TV2 Zulu’s new series ‘Blå Bog For Evigt’ where Christopher Læssø plays the character ‘Theis’ - the once popular guy in school with a promising future, who finds himself ten years later still waiting for his big breakthrough as a comedian.

When the former classmates from 3.w. arrange that their 10 year reunion should be held at a tiny island, everyone is on board. But when the only ferry connecting the island to the mainland crashes in the middle of the night, six classmates are suddenly trapped on the island indefinitely.
Before they realise it, old patterns quickly rise to the surface and the six classmates suddenly stand face to face with their younger self. Instead of being the host of a joyful reunion, the island is now center stage of a showdown, where the former classmates are forced to face broken dreams, unresolved expectations, old romances and the uncertainty of the future all while the walls are slowly getting closer.

The series consists of 5 episodes of humoristic scenes, embarrassing altercations and heartfelt moments when Christopher Læssø in the company of i.a. Jesper Ole Feit Andersen, Sofie Jo Kaufmanas and Josefine Tvermoes, is forced to face the past to - perhaps - gain valuable insight of the future.

The Tv-series was created by Claes Quaade and premiers on the 5th of September on TV2 Zulu and TV2 Play. Peter Molde-Amelung as conceptualizing director and Esben Tønnesen as episode director. The series is produced by Mille Bjørke and Mastiff with Nikolaj Feifer as creative producer.

Photo // Tv2