In the end of the 19th century, an intense power game unfolds between the undisrupted kings of the Danish banking world: C.F Tietgen and Isak Glückstadt. In 'Matadorene' we follow the two men’s rivalry to become the biggest bank matador in Denmark. A battle that in many ways has shaped the Denmark we know today. 

The series is about Tietgens journey from a poor childhood in Odense to him becoming one of the most powerful men in Denmark – the president for Privatbanken. Though he is not alone with the ambition about being on top financially, and the president for the competitive bank, Landmandsbanken, Isak Glückstadt has the same ambitions. The two men begins decades of feuding, which in the end culminates in a fierce showdown for the financial supremacy in Copenhagen. 

“What these two men have meant for the Danish history is in itself deeply fascinating, but we still want to go even further and give the viewers an understanding for the people behind, and what shaped them” says DR-program manager Anne Garlich. 

Jens Sætter-Lassen is cast as a young C.F. Tiegten in episode one, while Mikael Birkkjær plays the older C.F Tietgen, starring from episode two. Other cast members include Nicolai Dahl Hamilton as Isak Glückstadt, Jesper Christensen as H. N. Andersen and Martin Greis-Rosenthal as Emil Glückstadt. Mia Wagner and Johannes Langkilde guides us through the history as hosts of all four episodes. 

The series 'Matadorerne' can be viewed on DR1 every Sunday at 20.00 or on DRTV. The total of the series is four episodes.