Martin Høgsted has landed a supporting role in Anders W. Berthelsens director debut ‘Lykkelige Omstændigheder’.

The comedy is about two sisters Katrine (Sofie Torp) and Karoline (Roberta Hilaruis Reichhardt) who lives two very different lives, even though they were close as kids. Karoline lives in debt with her unemployed boyfriend Ronny (Joachim Fjelstrup), while Katrine has it all together with her succesfull husband Markus (Esben Smed) – everything except children. 

But when Karoline gets pregnant by mistake, Katrine comes up with a plan to solve all problems: Katrine pays off her sister’s debt, and in return gets her baby. This is a deal, Karoline cannot refuse, and not every detail needs to get in place before the baby arrives. But nothing seems to go as planned. Martin Høgsted plays the role of the newly divorced Sten. 

The manuscript is written by the beloved danish writer Kim Fupz Aakeson, and the movie is director (and actor) Anders W. Berthelsens (Known for Alle for fire, Italiensk for begyndere, Kongekabale) first time directing as a solo director. Before, he has been a co-director on the film adaption of Puk Damsgaards bestseller ‘Ser du månen, Daniel’ together with Niels Arden Oplev.

'Lykkelige Omstændigheder' is set to premiere in theatres on October 6th 2022.