'Paranoia' is a new Danish feature film, based on the novel 'Cykose' by Birgitte Lorentzen. 'Paranoia' is directed by Kari Vidø and produced by SF-Studios.

'Paranoia' is a dark and intense story about Lulu and Mads, who have both experienced something strongly supernatural. The meeting between them leads to a search for answers with consequences for both of them.

After a party with a little too many shots, Lulu ends up in the hospital, where she makes eye contact with a girl in a near-death experience. When Lulu comes to, the girl is gone. From here on, nothing is the same! It's like someone or something is stalking her. At the same time, she meets the infamous but fascinating Mads, who turns out to be able to see things that no one else can. But had Lulu known what would happen and what it would lead to, she would have stayed far away from Mads…

The film premieres in cinemas on February 8.