The popular series about Carl Mørck and Department Q, is returning to the big screen with the film adaption of the 6th book. The new Danish crime thriller 'Boundless' is based on fiction guru Jussi Adler-Olsen’s 'Den Grænseløse'.

Nordisk Film has confirmed that ‘Boundless’ has started filming in the beginning of September 2022, where Rasmus Hammerich has landed a supporting role. The filming takes place in Latvia, Copenhagen and on the Danish island Bornholm, where the movie is also set. The popular duo of Carl Mørck and his assistant Assad is sent on a mission to the Danish island, where an old mystery about a dead girl hanging from a tree is brought to life and leads to a secret solar cult on the island. 

Danish director Ole Christian Madsen, credited for the HBO series “Banshee” (2013-16) and WWII drama “Flame & Citron” starring Mads Mikkelsen, has taken up the challenge of bringing Adler-Olsen’s suspenseful universe to the silver screens, working from a script by Jakob Weis.

Christian Madsen will reunite with his “Banshee” actor Ulrich Thomsen. The latter reprises the role of detective Carl Mørck, which he played in Nordisk Film Production’s previous Department Q film version, “The Marco Effect”.

“’Boundless’ is a thought-provoking and fascinating thriller about revenge, power and submission, but especially about the limitlessness of people. In a world like today that has so many ways never been more limitless, ‘Boundless’ becomes unsettlingly present and current. Jakob Weis has written a nerve-wracking, action-packed and characterful script based on Jussi's book. And I agreed to direct the film because I think it has great potential to be an entertaining and relevant thriller with a creepy look into a fascinating and closed world.” Ole Christian Madsen says about making the movie. 

'Boundless' is set to be released in theatres on feburary 1st 2024.