SF Studios has begun filming the supernatural thriller CYKOSE with two of the country’s big new talents Zoe Bryan Hertz and August Issac Carter. The film is based on Birgitte Lorentzens book by the same name. CYKOSE is directed by Kari Vidø, written by Birgitte Lorentzsen and Henrik Kristensen.

CYKOSE is based on the first book in Birgitte Lorentzens popular CYKOSE trilogy. The CYKOSE Trilogy has collected huge acknowledgement and is the first Danish novel to be nominated to the prestigious French book award “Le Prix de Incorruptibles”. 

Photo / Kavian Borhani

CYKOSE is a dark and intense story about Lulu and Mads, who both have experienced something extreme and supernatural. The meeting between them, leads to a wild and risky search for answers, that ends up having consequences for them both. It is raw realism merged with a supernatural universe. 

After a party with a little too many shots, Lulu ends up in the hospital, where she in a near-death-experience sees a crowned girl, screaming for help. When Lulu comes to her senses, the girl is gone. But from this moment, nothing is as it was. It is like someone, or something is following her. At the same time, she meets the infamous, but fascinating Mads, who turns out to be able to see thing, no one else can. Had Lulu known, what would happen and what it would lead to, she would have stayed far away from Mads…

Producer Julie Rix Bomholt says: “It is an incredible and unique opportunity to work with a pure genre film which also touches an important and current theme. Zoe and August ARE Lulu and Mads, and we pinch ourselves to have found two such talented and young actors. They have a very special presence and a mutual intensity that almost sparks. We can’t wait to watch their talent unfold on the camera and on the big screen”.

Photo / HEIN

21 years old Zoe Bryan Hertz, who portrays the main character Lulu, was first noticed in Jonas Rigsvigs DR-series “Salsa” and again in his criminal-series “Drenge”. It is Zoe’s first big lead, her first movie and first time to play opposite August Issac Carter. August, 25 years old, who portrays Mads, has graduated from Den Danske Scenekunstskole in Copenhagen, and recently got the part of the lead character in the DR3-series “Hooligan”. He has previously had a minor part in Martin Zandvliets “Under sandet” and the Netflix-series “Equinox”. August has just premiered in the award-winning show “Arven” at the royal Danish theatre.

CYKLOSE is filmed in Copenhagen and on Frederiksberg where it began filming this Monday and is set to have last day of filming in the beginning of May. CYKOSE is set to premiere in March 2024.