March 25, 2024

Bodil-Prisen 2024

Highlights from this years Bodil Awards - Sarah Juel Werner was nominated in the category 'Best Supporting Actress' for the role in 'Idioten'.

March 13, 2024


Highlights from a magical Oscar-night with 'Knight of Fortune'

February 23, 2024

‘Knight of Fortune’ nominated for an Oscar 2024

Jesper Lohmann stars in the role as the undertaker, in this brilliant short film, about two men dealing with their wife's dead. 'Knight of Fortune' is nominated in the category: 'Best Live Action Short' at the 96th Oscars 2024, on March 10.

Knight of Fortune is about the loss of a loved one, the grief, the risk of yellow skin, and a coffin, that is too much for Karl to face. Then it's much easier to fix a broken lamp. Karl meets Torben - a destined brother. An absurd, humorous, and melodic meeting between two old men captured by grief. Knight of Fortune is a short film written and directed by Lasse Lyskjær Noer and produced in Denmark, Scandinavia by Jalabert Productions and Kim Magnusson/M&M Productions.

'Lasse Lyskjær Noer's Knight of Fortune possesses the best type of unpredictability - the kind that surprises in its absurdity without losing the authenticity that prevents it from becoming absurd.' The

January 21, 2024

‘Paranoia’ – starring Rasmus Hammerich and Jesper Lohmann

'Paranoia' is a new Danish feature film, based on the novel 'Cykose' by Birgitte Lorentzen. 'Paranoia' is directed by Kari Vidø and produced by SF-Studios.

'Paranoia' is a dark and intense story about Lulu and Mads, who have both experienced something strongly supernatural. The meeting between them leads to a search for answers with consequences for both of them.

After a party with a little too many shots, Lulu ends up in the hospital, where she makes eye contact with a girl in a near-death experience. When Lulu comes to, the girl is gone. From here on, nothing is the same! It's like someone or something is stalking her. At the same time, she meets the infamous but fascinating Mads, who turns out to be able to see things that no one else can. But had Lulu known what would happen and what it would lead to, she would have stayed far away from Mads…

The film premieres in cinemas on February 8.

December 19, 2023


On February 1, 2024 cinema audiences can again immerse themselves in unsolved murder cases together with Carl Mørck, Rose and Assad from Department Q, when the trio is sent to Bornholm, where an old mystery about a dead girl, hanging from a tree, is brought to life and leads to a secret solar cult on the island. Rasmus Hammerich has landed a supporting role in the film.

Nordisk Film Production just unvieled the very first teaser trailer and poster for 'Boundless' - the sixth film in the Department Q universe based on Jussi Adler-Olsen's successful crime novels. The high-pulsing thriller is directed by Ole Christian Madsen and written by screenwriter Jakob Weis, who here takes a big step with one of the most popular Danish film series in recent times - with Ulrich Thomsen, Sofie Torp and Afshin Firouzi in the three leading roles as the legendary Department Q trio.

Photo / Armands Virbulis

December 12, 2023

Maria Rich plays Ingrid in ‘Anker’

On Saturday, December 30, the new TV series 'Anker' premieres on TV 2 Play (January 7, 2024 on flow) when TV 2 tells the story of the man who, against all odds, became prime minister over three episodes. 'Anker' is based on the major events in Anker Jørgensen's life and career. Lars Ranthe stars in the lead role as Anker - and Maria Rich as his wife, Ingrid.

Ingrid is Anker's best friend. They meet each other at a party event in K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen in 1948, and they were married the same year. Ingrid looks after the home and the couple's rapidly growing family of four children. Ingrid gives Anker the safe family life he didn't have as a child. They have a loving and traditional relationship, where Ingrid is Anker's support in an otherwise turbulent life. Although Anker fights for equal pay and gender equality, he himself is an old-fashioned patriarch at home. Ingrid fights with inferiority and does not feel that she can behave in statesmen's circles. Over time, however, Ingrid begins to dream of entering the labor market and contributing with a meaningful job.

Anker Jørgensen has been called Denmark's most popular Prime Minister. But his life was full of fierce battles in the political arena - and drama in family life. Through the three episodes, the docudrama series 'Anker' tells the story of the social democrat Anker Jørgensen's life and career in the years 1972 to 1979.

Using archival material from the time, the story ties reality and dramatizations together in a portrait that shows both great ups and downs for the politician and the person Anker Jørgensen. The series is based on real events, which are described in books, articles and Anker Jørgensen's diaries, just as the production has interviewed a number of Anker's former colleagues over several years. The editorial team behind 'Anker' consists of Søren Steen Jespersen, Bo Tengberg and Troels Uhrbrand Rasmussen.

"We have carried out thorough research of both written and oral sources - from Anker's political colleagues to his survivors. We have also done extensive archival research, which contributes significantly to the image of Anker Jørgensen and of Denmark in the 1970s", says editorial manager at Pipeline Production, Søren Steen Jespersen.

'Anker' takes place in 1972, when Anker Jørgensen - very surprisingly - becomes Prime Minister, and the series follows him through a hectic decade, where he first loses power, but later regains the prime ministership several times. It is a period of oil crisis, war and new political winds, such as when Mogens Glistrup and the Progress Party storm into the Folketing in the landslide election in 1973. And at the same time, it is a turbulent year in Anker's own family, where, as in the rest of society, there is a settlement with the established norms.

"The idea for 'Anker' stems from a fascination with a time of great change. A time that offers many parallels to our present - with a youth fighting for equal rights and the climate, a war that triggers the oil crisis and inflation and a breakdown in the political environment. It is also the fascination of a man who, despite all odds, fought his way up in society and became prime minister", says director Bo Tengberg.

"We hope that the viewers can see themselves in the social crises that Denmark faced at the time, but that they can also see themselves in the private person Anker and the universal dilemmas he finds himself in", adds Søren Steen Jespersen.

From Christiansborg we meet politicians Erhard Jakobsen, Ritt Bjerregaard, Per Hækkerup, Mogens Glistrup, Svend Auken, Jens Otto Krag, Henning Christophersen and Knud Heinesen. The roles are taken by, among others, Ole Lemmeke, Natalie Madueño, Ole Boisen, Esben Dalgaard, Magnus Haugaard, Frank Thiel, Jesper Ole Feit Andersen and Carsten Svendsen. Jens Jørn Spottag plays the role of LO's chairman, Thomas Nielsen.

The docudrama series 'Anker' has three episodes and is produced by Pipeline Production for TV 2 by producer Troels Uhrbrand Rasmussen with support from the Danish Film Institute's Public Service Pool.

Photo / Henrik Petit, TV 2

December 7, 2023

Mia Lyhne stars in ‘Mr. Freeman’

'Mr. Freeman' is a new Danish feature film - a touching drama, written and directed by award-winning Mads Matthiesen and produced by Jonas Bagger at Zentropa opens in theaters on January 11, 2024. In the cast there is the young talents Lina Lund Jørgensen and Daouda Keita, and Mia Lyhne and Nicolas Bro in the leading roles.

When lonely teenager Simone begins an online relationship with a cute Ghanaian guy named Freeman, she convinces her reluctant parents that he can come to Denmark and visit the family for a few weeks. As Simone's relationship with Freeman develops, family opposition grows and ignites an old conflict between Simone and her mother…

In the lead role of Simone, you can experience the young talent Lina Lund Jørgensen, who makes her debut in 'Mr. Freeman'. Opposite her, French Daouda Keita is seen in the role of Mr. Freeman. Daouda Keita has most recently played a leading role in the Netflix series 'Le Monde de Demain', which in 2022 won the Grand Prix at Series Mania. He has also had roles in the French TV series 'Mortel' (2021) and 'Narvalo' (2020). In 'Mr. Freeman' is the first time he tries his hand at Danish film.

Mia Lyhne and Nicolas Bro are seen in the roles of Simone's parents Kirsten and Leif. Mia Lyhne is one of Denmark's most popular actors, who for a number of years has impressed with her comedic timing, e.g. in the viewer success 'Klovn' as both a TV series and film, and in films and TV series such as 'A-klassen' (2012), 'All Inclusive' (2014), 'Lille Sommerfugl' (2020) and 'Take my hand' (2022).

Photo / Christian Geisnæs

December 6, 2023

‘Nightwatch – Demons Are Forever’

Nordisk Film Production presents the nerve-wracking thriller 'Nightwatch - Demons Are Forever'. After 29 years, director Ole Bornedal is ready with the sequel to the Danish cult phenomenon 'Nightwatch'. Ulf Pilgaard is back in the role as Commissioner Wörmer, and Christopher Læssø stars in a supporting role.

Young medical student Emma decides to find out what happened in the basement of the Department of Forensic Medicine almost 30 years ago, when her parents Martin and Kalinka were nearly killed by the psychopathic serial killer Commissioner Wörmer. Emma takes a student job as a night watchman at the same place and initiates an unauthorized meeting with Wörmer in his isolation cell in the psychiatric department at Sct. Hans Hospital. The meeting awakens the commissioner from a long-term coma and sets in motion a bloody revenge against all those who in his time sealed his fate. Now it's up to Emma to find the connection and stop the madness.

Nordisk Film Production and Ole Bornedal have assembled an exceptionally strong cast consisting of several of the actors from the first film as well as some of the biggest and most acclaimed Danish actors of the time. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ('Game of Thrones') is back in the role of Martin, who is now heavily traumatized by the horrors of the past at Forensic Medicine.

After major roles in international TV series, such as HBO's 'Killing Eve' (2018-2022) and Netflix's 'The Witcher' (2019-), Kim Bodnia is back in her first Danish film role in 9 years. He returns in the role of Jens, who made him a well-known Danish face 29 years ago. New to the cast is Fanny Bornedal in the lead role as Martin's daughter Emma.

Thomas Heinesen produces for Nordisk Film Production. The film is supported by The Danish Film Institute, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje and Nordisk Film & TV Fond in collaboration with DR, ZDF and Nadcon.

Bornedal said of the sequel: “'Nightwatch' is about legacy. About the silence in families. About the traumas and cuts and wounds that are allowed to live through generations. And in addition, it is exciting to return to the condensed genre that horror is. Kiss the demons - pull them into the light for a little moment. Look them in the eyes and think: “Good thing it’s only a film”.

'Nightwatch - Demons Are Forever' opens in theaters on December 14, 2023.

Photo / Christian Geisnæs

July 26, 2023

Sarah Juel Werner in ‘The Idiot’

Sarah Juel Werner plays the leading actress as Cille, in the up-coming feature film 'The Idiot' directed by Kasper Rune Larsen.

After falling in love, Tobias and Cille begin to change their lives. Tobias has finished rehab, and Cille is slowly getting back to a normal life after several years of mental and physical illness. The young couple are now expecting their first child, but the happy circumstances prove to be a setback as their unfortunate past clings to them.

During a clarification course, Tobias has discovered that his calling in life is to become an actor; one who can entertain and bring joy. But those closest to Tobias do not support him - and instead try to pull him down. The authorities begin to question whether the young couple is even fit to become parents.

'The Idiot' is produced by Henrik Underberg at Stray Dog Production and distributed by Angel Film.
The film premieres in cinemas on August 31. ☀️

Photo / Stroud Rohde Pearce

June 28, 2023

Christopher Læssø stars in ‘Ehrengard – The Art of Seduction’ a new Bille August film

Based on the Karen Blixen novel ’Ehrengard’ from 1962, director Bille August and Netflix comes together filming a new movie. Sidse Babett Knudsen and Mikkel Boe Følgaard stars in the lead roles. Christopher Læssø stars in a supporting role.

The film premieres globally on September 14, 2023 on Netflix.

The film takes place in the fairytale-univers 'Babenhauen', where the young self-appointed love expert, Cazotte gets hired by the scheming great-dutchess to help the prince find a princess and secure an heir to the throne. However, the plan backfires and when an heir is consieved outside of marriage, the royal family must escape to the Rosenbad castle. In the meantime, Cazotte falls in love with the maid Ehrengard and he slowly comes to the realization, that he is no love expert after all. 

Photo: Christian Geisnæs /Netflix

Anders August (‘Lykke-Per’, 2018 and ‘Marco Effekten’, 2021) has written the manuscript, while the scenography is by the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark who has a previous history of being a scenographer for the royal theatre through the years. Marcella Dichmann has produced for SF-Studios.

Photo Credit: Jacob Jørgensen

Director Bille August says:” To have Ehrengard filmed as a Netflix-movie is a big oppotunity – and I am thrilled to introduce this fascinating story about seduction and lust to a global audience. The queen has created the most amazing decoupage to the event, and they will be the dominant feature of the film’s overall scenographic expression.”

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